The Code Ninja Culture

The secret behind #LifeAtCodeNinja unveiled! Read more about Code Ninja's take on its highly acclaimed culture building and see why we are different from the rest!

The Code Ninja Culture

To achieve excellence in what we do is our top priority, but culture-building is equally important in Code Ninja. With the ultimate goal of fostering a healthy, engaging work culture and environment, Code Ninja works tirelessly in achieving this goal by investing in and empowering its people, profoundly anchored by its C.O.R.E. values.



Code Ninja ensures to establish expectations between the company and its employees. The company takes responsible ownership of its successes, and even its defeats, and seeks for its people to emulate this example. Code Ninja commits to ensuring the welfare of everyone in the company, seeking to mold not just followers but leaders and influencers. As the company grows, it efforts not to compromise this vision.

Aside from engaging our employees, we make sure that we maintain visibility among students who wish to pursue a career in Software Engineering. We provide them with opportunities to emerge themselves in a startup culture, providing them with the necessary experience before they take the next step to employment.

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Code Ninja acknowledges the fact that all its employees are capable of constructing bright ideas, vital to achieving excellence in what we do. There is no room for bureaucracy in here; we exercise the open door policy, encouraging transparency in communication between and among our top managers up until the front liners.


A definite set of rules does not exist in Code Ninja; there is minimal to no imposition from the higher ups. Just the right sum of trust is given to everyone to promote discipline and innovativeness.


Diversity and inclusion are celebrated in Code Ninja. To date, people of diverse age, degree, and religion interact within the four walls of the office, to achieve both personal and team goals. Respect can be observed in the littlest of things; when it comes to choices, Code Ninja makes sure to hear out what its people need AND want, from food place choices during eat outs, OS preferences, and even the variants of coffee and milk at the kitchen!



Meeting and exceeding the standards of our business partners take priority over any other matter. The expectation in performance is extremely high, considering the relatively small size of the company. Meritocracy is practiced in here; excellent and invaluable performance is recognized and rewarded.

Code Ninja also prides in promoting excellence not just in performance but also in the continuous development and growth of its individuals. It aims to help in building on the set of skills that one already possesses when he/she enters Code Ninja, to the further improvement of these skills and even to the discovery of new strengths.



Translating these values into life is a more complex, but fairly fulfilling task. How does Code Ninja bring this impact among its employees?

Code Ninja genuinely tries to veer away from the work-life balance concept and substitute it with work-life integration. How so? There is no need to wait for the weekend in order to relax and have fun; Code Ninja makes sure that working in the office is enjoyable in itself.


With nonexistent cubicle division between office tables, and dining area conducive to lunch and break-time conversations, Code Ninja promotes a tightly-knit relation among its employees. A cozy receiving area greets its employees and visitors alike, mimicking a warm welcome of a home. The wood flooring of the entire space adds to the homey ambiance. This setup intends to narrow the borderline between the workplace and the home, integrating life to work.


Not only is the setup conducive for work-life integration, but also the facilities that Code Ninja provides for its people. The office is specially designed to resemble the warm, homely San Francisco working environment. When stress levels are high, employees have the luxury of unwinding by using tabletop games on stock, and even Fussball and video games at hand. All in moderation, of course!


Working overtime is highly discouraged among employees as well. Especially for the night owls' shift, cozy bean bags are accessible for those who need a dose of their power naps. A massage chair is also stationed in one corner of the office to reinvigorate the hard worker.

Staying committed to the company's goals opens doors to infinite possibilities. Code Ninja delights in having sustained this culture, sealing affiliations with regarded institutions in and outside the city.

Life at Code Ninja, as defined by its core values, is no doubt what you aspire for. Check out our career page here.

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Bea Santos

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