Career Opportunity: Full Stack Engineer

Are you a Full Stack Engineer? Join our team today!

Background of the Role

Code Ninja is looking for a Full Stack Engineer. If you ever wanted to work for a Silicon Valley style startup right here in Manila, this is your chance. We want to gather the best web development engineers the Philippines has to offer, and build an All Star Team.

You’ll be working with talented engineers at a fast moving startup. We need someone who understands business goals, can implement high quality code, and just loves building cool stuff.

What You'll Do

  • Develop innovative solutions that meet functional, performance, scalability and reliability requirements while adhering to implementation schedules, development principles and product goals
  • Tackle projects within the entire development stack - from the front end to the back end, and everything in between
  • Create optimized progressive web applications(PWAs), integrating with various back ends
  • Coordinate with the development team on overall technical direction, including framework and library choices, optimization techniques, and best practices
  • Adhere to the coding standards and best practices set forth by the company
  • Responsible for various aspects of on-call support and maintenance engagements

Technical Requirements

  • Languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript(Browser and NodeJS based)
  • Frameworks: Laravel, React, VueJS
  • Databases and Search Engines: MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Sphinx
  • Paradigm and Practices: OOP and SOLID Principles, Design Patterns
  • Methodology and Techniques: Agile, BDD, DDD, TDD, xDD, Microservice Architecture
  • Web Services and Schema: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON
  • Web Server: Linux/Unix Servers, Nginx, Apache
  • Version Control: Git & Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services(AWS) & Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

Before Submitting Your Application

  • Learn more about our company and projects by visiting the Code Ninja website
  • Prepare your online portfolio and sample works
  • Practice taking time-boxed coding assessments in JavaScript
  • Review computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures

Submitting Your Application

  • Send us an email at with your application letter and pdf copy of CV
  • Make sure to include the role you are interested at in the subject line of your email

Submit application

Our Recruitment Process

  • Screening: Upon receiving your application, we will send you a link to our Online Application Form and Aptitude Test
  • Onsite Assessment: Successful candidates from the initial screening will be given a technical assessment in Javascript. The assessment is timed at 2 hours, for a problem set of 3 items.
  • Shortlisting: If you are successful in the screening process, we will shortlist you for an initial onsite assessment, we will schedule an interview via Skype of face to face engagement
  • Virtual Assessment: Successful candidates from the onsite assessment will be progressed to a virtual coding assessment with a US-based interviewer. The assessment covers project discussion and a live coding test.
  • Final Interview: The final step is an interview with our Founder

Our process usually takes 2 weeks, and varies depending on the availability of the candidate and Founder.

Written by
Charmaine Ulay

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