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Pinky Bordadora

Customer Success Manager

Code Ninja is a family made up with different, quirky personalities that make each individual shine. Get up close and personal with our Ninjas so you get to know better what they do around the office. It’s a pleasure to feature one of the coolest new faces in our Buildzoom team for our first profile.

Pinky Bordadora

Reason for being
CSM (Customer Service Manager)

“Learn to love your work and your work will love you.”


Pinky at the Office

Pinky has been with us for almost two years. A sunny smile on the night shift, she found out about the company from a friend who knew about a “non-voice” opening. She was previously a Quality Assurance agent and was looking for a somewhat similar job. She decided to try the new position out and she says that she has “no regrets” and is enjoying it immensely.

Pinky has been in Customer Service for more than eight years. Having two daughters in the same field as well, she decided to try out if the shoe also fits when she arrived in Manila from Cagayan de Oro. A self-proclaimed night owl, she finds it easier to work after sundown rather than after sun-up.

Her first impression of the company is a very interesting story as well. She was amazed to see how the atmosphere was so different from the call centers she was used to. She found it relaxing because she didn’t have to the need to ask for approval just to take a “bio break”, and the free food was always overflowing. She also finds the people to be warm, friendly, and so low-profile that she didn’t realize that the person who sat beside her greeting her every morning was the CEO!

She never found an office so relaxing. 😊

Being a CSM

Pinky’s tasks consist of taking care of emails directed to the BuildZoom platform and answering questions and concerns of its customers. She states of having the following tasks:

  • Gathering emails
  • Sending these emails
  • Verification
  • Data Entry

Along with her passion for work, Pinky has a passion for helping people out. She aspires to be able to understand every task related to her work so she can help other people out when things get rough.

For her, it is enough to meet the requirements of the day (or night), with happy and satisfied customers and her fellow co-workers reaching their own daily goals.

Pinky the Baker

Pinky Baking

If there’s one thing Pinky is known for aside from her diligence and hard work, it’s those home-baked sweets she brings to the office whenever there’s an occasion. Having been baking even before the start of her Customer Service career, she has experience in providing cakes and pastries to famous establishments around Cagayan de Oro from the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

Cooking and baking are talents that are prominent in Pinky’s bloodline. Two of her children has taken up culinary and another took over her mantle as a "cake-trepreneur". As for Pinky herself, if she isn’t bringing treats to the office, she would be bringing scrumptious dishes that her co-workers could pass around during lunch.

You should ask her for her laing recipe. We hear that it tastes very good. ☺

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There is always a spot for dedicated people like Pinky at Code Ninja. If you’re looking for a company that is passionate for technology and innovation, come join us at Code Ninja! You can check out our careers page here.

Written by
Vica Aquino

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