The year that was: A look back on 2017

2017 has been a year of achievements for Code Ninja. We’ve grown in number and we’ve had new projects and portfolios, proving our team’s excellence and capability to make a lasting impact in the startup scene.


We have a new set of leaders across teams, both in Engineering and Operations. Aside from that, our team has grown with the addition of 28 new hires, coming from different backgrounds and industries. We're all glad that they found their new home in Code Ninja!

Employee Engagement

In 2017, we've worked harder to achieve an excellent work environment, if not the best. We made it our mission to make Code Ninja one of the most competitive startups in Manila. We made sure that our employees are engaged and well taken care of. We've had quarterly team building activities where we bonded through good food, fun games, and teamwork. Our favorite has to be our summer getaway in Puerto Princesa.



This year, our engineers leveled up their game by exploring new technologies in our web projects, making our products more competitive in the market. Our Operations teams greatly contributed to these businesses by playing a key role in high revenue generating projects.

Building Networks

We've reached greater heights in connecting with future Code Ninjas through university campaigns. We've increased our partners to 8 schools. Our internship program was really strong this year. We've had 8 interns from different universities and we're happy that one of these interns will be joining our team as a Full Stack Engineer in January. We pay it forward by providing students with an environment where they can get a hands-on experience on what it means to be a Software Engineer. Our workshop series was a success as well.

University Campaign

This year, we've also launched the Code Ninja blog where we had the opportunity to share more about our best practices. It was a refreshing way to communicate our vision to a wider audience. Our drive is to have all Code Ninjas as brand ambassadors!

Thank you 2017 and cheers to 2018!

It is indeed a successful year for Code Ninja. And what better way to celebrate these milestones than to enjoy an afternoon of good food, music, awards, and prizes! We held an Oscars-themed party last December 9 at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel.


In this event, we recognized our colleagues who have been with us for at least five long years. Here's a photo of them during the Service Awarding Ceremony. Congratulations to Erickson, Jacob, Fred, Al, and Lovely!

Service Award

A special appreciation for our colleagues who always have the initiative to help the team was also presented during the year-end party. Cheers to Ilsa, Chloe, Vince, and Gani!

Ace of Initiative

Since it was an afternoon of glitz and glamour, we also picked two best-dressed awardees. Here's the winning pair: JC and Bea!


Our CEO, Mr. Paulo Mariñas received the Excellence Award for his passion, dedication, leadership, and never-ending support to the team.


It was indeed a celebration! We all received gifts as part of our yearly tradition.


Here's a photo of the Code Ninja team wishing you a Happy Holidays and we are very excited to see what's in store for 2018!


Watch our year-end party highlights in this video Code Ninja Awards 2017

Written by
Charmaine Ulay

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